Hamad International Airport (HIA) is hosting the 17th meeting of the Smart Security Management Group (SSMG) in Doha this week, attended by approximately 25 delegates including official observers and organisers from Airports Council International (ACI).

The ACI Smart Security initiative aims to implement specific and measurable improvements in security effectiveness, operational efficiency and passenger experience at airport security checkpoints through improved use of technology, process innovation, and the use of risk-based security concepts. As airports and their stakeholders play a key role in facilitating effective, efficient and enhance passenger experiences, the Smart Security initiative gathers stakeholders with the shared objective of transforming the security checkpoint for the benefit of the travelling public.

According to Engineer Badr Mohammed Al Meer, HIA Chief Operating Officer, they are among the few leading airports in the world to consistently test and improve security processes for increased efficiency and for the comfort of our passengers.

Knowledge-sharing is pivotal to optimising our airport processes and enhancing our security procedures. We look forward to a productive meeting where we, along with our stakeholders, will benefit from ACI’s expertise and recommended practices.’

ACI World Director General Angela Gittens, said that with the predicted growth in air travel, evolving security threats, and passengers’ evolving expectations about their airport experience, it is more important than ever that airports forge sustainable security models that optimise their facilities and meet the growing demands of passengers.

In 2018, HIA developed an industry-leading transfer security screening product which resulted in significantly shorter queuing times for passengers. With the airport’s introduction of more transfer gates and minimum connection lanes, passengers at HIA are screened to national standards at the arrival gate directly, ensuring that at least 95% of the airport’s transfer passengers queue for under five minutes.

HIA is currently in its final stages of an evaluation programme that measures the security and operational benefits of different screening technologies, utilising new algorithms that would allow the airport to provide screening of cabin baggage without the need to segregate electronic devices, and exploring the use of body scanners instead of traditional walk through metal detectors.

Looking ahead, HIA along with Qatar Airways and Qatar Duty Free is set to host the world’s most influential airport commercial revenues conference ‘The Trinity Forum 2019’ on 30-31 October. The conference, organised by The Moodie Davitt Report, ACI World, and ACI Asia-Pacific, will take place in Qatar for the first time.

For more information about HIA, visit dohahamadairport.com.