Students from across different high schools in Qatar explored the different possibilities offered by careers in medicine when they recently joined the Qatar Medical Explorer Program (QMEP) at Weill Cornell Medicine – Qatar (WCM-Q).

Thirty-four students took advantage of the opportunity to go through a learning experience, attending lectures on a wide range of subjects – biology, chemistry, human anatomy, pharmacology and physiology – among others, and a tour of the state-of-the-art Clinical Skills and Simulation Lab at WCM-Q.


Students also participated in a self-improvement workshop and the admissions sessions. One of the main goals of the programme was to help students learn about the admissions requirements, write an effective personal statement and how to undertake college interviews. These sessions provided an insight on the holistic admission process at WCM-Q.

This year’s QMEP, with its winter and a summer session, was offered in a shorter version than the traditional two-week format. Due to changes in school calendars, this year’s QMEP was offered in a one-week capsule format.

Part of the enrichment programmes offered by the office of student recruitment and outreach, this programme is offered along a series of other initiatives to connect the college to the local community. Such initiatives allow talented students with an interest in the sciences, not only discover what life as a medical student is like, but more importantly to gear-up for admissions and eventually acquire proper college-readiness that could pave the way for a successful career in medicine.

The conclusion of the programme was marked with a closing event, where certificates were presented to each student who participated, along with a number of awards.


Noha Saleh, Director of Student Recruitment and Outreach at WCM-Q, said QMEP is designed to give high schools students the chance to come and participate in sessions at WCM-Q, offering a comprehensive and more accurate impression of what it’s really like to study at the college, helping students decide if the prospect of a career in medicine is something that will inspire, challenge and fulfil them.

The Excellence Award was presented to Laila Lubbad of DeBakey High School for Health Professions at Qatar, who demonstrated excellence, leadership, and motivation through the entirety of the programme. The JO Achievement Award, named after two WCM-Q graduates from the Class of 2008, was presented to Abdulrahman Mohammed Al Serbi, also of DeBakey High School for Health Professions at Qatar.

Assistant Dean of Student Recruitment Dr Rachid Bendriss, said they were extremely encouraged by the energy, intelligence and curiosity of this year’s cohort of students. He said that they sincerely believe that many of them will apply to join WCM-Q and eventually become highly accomplished doctors serving their communities.

Qatar Academy student Khalid Fawzi Al Ajji, who gave an address at the completion event, said the programme is one of the best opportunities that could be provided to aspiring doctors.

From learning about lab safety to pharmacology, to being introduced to human anatomy, I was able to learn a great deal from this experience, which will help improve my school grades and hopefully prepare me for medical school in the near future.’

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