While we working professionals endlessly toil away all year round, it’s easy to forget about students. Their year is coming to an end and at Virginia Commonwealth University Qatar (VCUQatar) the graduates have set up a showcase to display and show off all their hard work. Never one to turn down an opportunity to look at art, I went along to Qatar Foundation to have a look at the artists’ work.

First some fashion, inspired by the abiya.

A giant cardboard revolver stood in the hall, a menacing sculpture.

img00215-20120506-1727Strange octopus like creatures walked on a tightrope above the ballroom.


img00218-20120506-1747This graphic designer created some very unusual stamps.

img00220-20120506-1751A pretty print accompanied some Arabic script.

A very cool and striking design for a labna bottle.

img00222-20120506-1752A screenshot mixing text and textile.

img00224-20120506-1753A graphic designer’s mood board.



The graduate show is open until Thursday 17th May for you to visit.