This week the Qatar National Convention Centre hosted the WPC, The World Petroleum Congress, where there were 5,000 delegates from all around the world and around 30,000 visitors, including Marhaba who went along to check it out.Despite the convention centre having a walkway between the car park and the main building, we were ferried over on this train/bus hybrid borrowed from Education City, which was actually a lot of fun to ride in and made Marhaba feel like we were at a theme park!


The main exhibition hall, which is huge by any standards, was full of stands by the various companies. It was very brightly lit and professional, and Marhaba was quite impressed by the turnout and also how orange the carpet was.

There was a lot to see; there were some amazing things on display, engines, a giant plastic lizard, etc as well as people dressed in traditional Turkish dress and Nigerian dancers. QAFCO even tried (very kindly) to give us some urea as a present.img_0255

Also, much to Marhaba’s surprise, Lewis Hamilton, the famous British Formula One racing driver showed up! Unfortunately, he was surrounded by a crowd hanging on his every word as he answered various questions about his career, so Marhaba couldn’t get a close up shot of him, but we will say that he is shorter than you would expect, otherwise he wouldn’t fit in those tiny cars!


Just look at the difference between the modern racing car and the old (vintage) one! It’s certainly streamlined over the years and become a lot safer.


And here is a sand castle of the National Convention Centre, which Marhaba was quite impressed with!

img_0293WPC also pulled out all the stops to keep their guests entertained. As well as lavish opening and closing ceremonies, there was an Arabian Night and a Youth Party trip to Sealine Desert Camp. Marhaba went to Katara for the Arabian Night, which had all been closed off and was magically lit up. There were street artists, a lavish buffet, Lebanese singers, dancing men, everything you could possibly want at a party. Hundreds of people were there and to combat the chill in the air, they cleverly handed out coffee to keep us warm.