Following an intensive inspection process by the Joint Commission International (JCI) in September, the Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) Ambulance Service has been successfully reaccredited against the JCI Medical Transport Organisation Standard Second Edition. This achievement means that the HMC Ambulance Service is now part of a very small group of ambulance services across the world holding this prestigious accreditation.

HMC Ambulance Service BadgeJCI is one of the leading healthcare accreditation organisations in the world and this achievement sends a clear message to the patients, says Dr Robert Owen, Chief Executive Officer of the HMC Ambulance Service.

This is the third time the Ambulance Service has been accredited by JCI, having first received this award in 2011 and with subsequent reaccreditation in 2014. Accreditation provides a report card for the public, offering an objective evaluation of an organisation’s performance.

In previous JCI Medical Transport Organisation assessments, the Ambulance Service was required to meet 73 standards. This latest assessment was by far the most stringent appraisal of quality and safety in our history, with 134 standards and 479 measurable elements.’

In the three years since the previous JCI accreditation, the Ambulance Service has made significant improvements in a wide range of areas, explained Ali Darwish, Assistant Executive Director of the Ambulance Service.

As an Ambulance Service, we are on a journey to provide the very highest standards of emergency response care to the people of Qatar. Our recent advances include the introduction of high-tech major incident vehicles and four-by-fours customised for desert response, as well as the full roll out of dispatch points across the country.

We have also introduced advanced technology systems such as our telemetry system which allows paramedics to transmit vital information quickly to the hospitals for heart attack patients.’

These achievements have been made while caring for an increasing number of patients each year. Despite this growing demand, the service continues to meet its National Health Strategy response time targets for both calls within Doha as well as outside the capital city.

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