Over 4,000 individuals have registered as organ donors during the campaign run by Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) during first 10 days of Ramadan.

According to HMC, 4,400 is the number of registered donors. HMC expresses their gratitude to those who have already registered to ‘give the gift of life’, and request any other members of the public who have not yet registered to consider doing so.

Staffs from the Qatar Organ Donation Center (Hiba) are currently in shopping malls and other prominent locations around the country, aiming to educate members of the public on organ donation and asking them to register as donors. Individuals will be able to register as donors on the spot and receive their donor card. The staffs are well trained to answer any questions asked them, even in multiple languages. Director of Hiba, Dr Riadh Fadhil, who is already a registered dono, said to him, being a donor is a noble act and he is grateful to all those who register. He said:

All the major religions agree that organ donation is the right thing to do and I see it as my duty as a human being to be a registered donor. I am asking everyone to think about registering as a donor, so that we may have a situation in Qatar where no one will have to wait or travel overseas for an organ transplant.’

An organ transplant can be a life-saving procedure. It can also significantly improve quality of life for someone with chronic organ failure. These life-saving organs come from deceased donors, who have registered to be a donor during their lifetime, thereby pledging to give their organs to someone in need. Just one deceased organ donor can save up to eight lives. It is also possible to donate a kidney or part of the liver, while one is alive, to a relative. In Qatar, there is currently a kidney and a liver transplant programme.

HMC is also launching a social media campaign to promote the noble act of being a registered donor. They are asking people who are already registered to post photos of themselves on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, with their donor card, explaining why they are a registered organ donor, with the hashtags #hmc #Iamadonor. They are aiming to showcase the excellent programme in Qatar and the generosity of the population, as well as hopefully encouraging others to register.

Medical Director of Hamad General Hospital and Director of Qatar Center for Organ Transplantation, Dr Yousuf Al Maslamani, is one of the team taking part in the campaign on social media. He said:

I have seen the positive impact an organ donation can have on a family – that is why I am a donor. This campaign is very important and will really support the continued development and expansion of the organ donation and transplant programme here in Qatar.’

HMC is asking the public to visit one of the 12 organ donation booths that will be open throughout Ramadan and Eid, to learn more about organ donation and, for those who are interested to register as donors.

For more information, visit HMC’s organ donation website.