HMC Gives ‘First Responder’ Training to Students of WCM-Q

HMC First Responder

First-year medical students at Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar (WCM-Q) had a chance to put theory into practice when they took a First Responder training course from HMC as part of their curriculum.

HMC First Responder

Under the supervision of qualified emergency medical professionals from Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), 41 students learn first responder skills, such as applying splints and dressings, immobilising injured patients, dealing with seizures, anaphylactic shock, hyperthermia and heart attacks, as well as clearing airways and giving artificial respiration.

The course, which is part of the medical curriculum, presents one of the first opportunity to students of WCM-Q in attaining practical physicianship skills following two years of largely theory-based study on the pre-medical curriculum. The students also learned about a different area of emergency medicine such as medical manikins and life-like anatomical models, spinal board and a bag valve mask ventilator.

Dr Stella Major, WCM-Q Associate Professor of Family Medicine in Clinical Medicine, said that the First Responder course is a real milestone for first-year students because this is the point at which they really start to feel like doctors and begin attaining the practical skills they need, to truly understand the responsibilities the role entails.

I was extremely pleased and impressed by the mature and serious way they engaged with the learning exercise, and I’m very grateful to our colleagues from HMC for sharing their expertise with us today.’

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