Over 300 healthcare professionals from across Qatar recently gathered at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) for the Second Clinical Imaging Quality Day (CIQD). The one-day event was organised by HMC’s Clinical Imaging Department and led by Dr Ahmed Omar, Chairman of the Clinical Imaging Department.

Dr Nawal Al Tamimi, Deputy Chairperson of the Second CIQD and Quality Improvement Training Program Leader, said:

The event builds on HMC’s commitment to improving the services our patients receive and to deliver the HMCsafest, most effective and most compassionate care to each and every one of them. This year’s CIQD was based on representing our model for quality improvement, sharing our latest advances in this field, as well as celebrating the success and the outcomes of our quality improvement training program.’

Residents from across HMC presented a total of 28 quality improvement projects and research abstracts addressing a wide variety of important issues, such as radiation safety, patient service improvement and ways of meeting international clinical imaging standards. A Project Evaluation Panel consisting of seven clinical imaging experts and chaired by Dr Ahmad Khairy selected 10 winning projects from the 28 submissions.

The Clinical Imaging Department launched a quality improvement training program for clinical imaging professionals in October 2015. Since then, 40 teams, comprising 70 residents and radiologists, have been trained on adopting quality improvement approaches. The initiative is part of HMC’s efforts to improve the performance of its employees and foster a positive work environment for them, which, in turn, will reflect in patient service improvements.

Dr Al Tamimi, who is also an IHI Quality Improvement Fellow, said:

The CIQD program this year for the first time included a workshop on the best ways to implement quality improvement initiatives based on new quality improvement concepts, which were approved by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) in Boston. It also included training on different tools and scenarios to implement quality improvement projects. Special emphasis was placed on teaching the teams about the importance of studying and assessing quality improvement ideas before implementing and integrating them into the health system. The workshop was a great success as it was attended by about 80 clinical imaging professionals from across HMC and Qatar.’

For more information, visit hamad.qa.