Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) organised a special festivity to honour the leadership and staff of the social work functions at all HMC facilities for their extraordinary efforts to serve patients and their family members during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr Souad Al Hamad
Dr Souad Al Hamad

The event was held on earlier this February at the Millennium Hotel, attended by officials and staff of HMC, led by Continuing Care Group Chief Mahmoud Saleh Al Raisi and Social Services Department Executive Director Dr Suad Suaidan Al Hamad.

Importance of social work

In a statement during the festivity, Dr Al Hamad stressed the importance of the role of social work role in extending social and psychological support to patients as well as access to therapeutic services at all points of care, facilitated by HMC social workers. She said that the Social Work Department works hand in hand with multi-disciplinary teams to create a healing environment for patients.

Due to the advancement of healthcare services and the expansion of healthcare facilities in Qatar and (because of) the rising demand for social services, Dr Al Hamad said that the role of social work has gained more importance as they tend to ease the burdens of healthcare facilities through the expedient discharge of recovering patients, in collaboration with stakeholders, to a safe and secure environment.

We, at the Social Work Department, set forth the socio-medical policies and continue to develop such policies on an ongoing basis to have them standardised and aligned with patient needs.

Social Services Department Deputy Executive Director, Maliha Al Shamali, pointed out the role of social workers in helping patients overcome impediments they could possibly face because of their ailments and which, in turn, could have an adverse impact on the patient’s social relationship at home or work.

She said that patients who are not economically able to cover some of their healthcare expenses may get financial assistance, directly through the department and indirectly, through community NGOs.

Social Work Honorees

The honorees from the Social Work Department included Acting Head Mohammad Othman, who said that the Department saves no effort in providing patients, especially children, with psychological and social support. These events are also sponsored by various social work organisations in Qatar.

Zahra Darwish, Acting Head of the Social Work at the Women’s Wellness and Research Center, commented on the vital role of female social workers in extending valuable services to outpatients and inpatients at the centre. The services include extending emotional support to patients and helping them get over stress and anxiety.

Jabir Al Jabiri, Acting Head of Social Work at the Hazm Mebaireek General Hospital, commented on the prominent role of social workers during the pandemic, providing support to all patient groups and their families. He also underlined the role of social workers in collaborating with other HMC departments to help patients overcome the negative impact of the pandemic.

Head of Social Work at Al Khor Hospital, Najat Al Kubaisi, said their role as social workers is to help patients access the therapeutic treatment they need at HMC, providing patients and their families with the support needed to surmount the stress and anxiety associated with their illness. She added that they provide all relevant social work services to all patients, the labour force in particular, in collaboration with charitable organisations and facilitate the repatriation of patients who wish to leave the country.

Ibrahim Al Ansari, Head of Social Work at Qatar Rehabilitation Center, stated that social workers carry out a vital and essential role in the continuum of healthcare where they function as direct contact between patients, their family members and attending doctors. They provide information about the patients which may have a direct impact on their treatment plans.

Mohammad Al Obaidli, Social Work Department Head at the Heart Hospital, also talked about the special expertise that social workers need to be able to deal with heart patients. He said that heart disease treatment takes a long time and patients require a great deal of advice, social and psychological support for a long period of time.

Dr Al Hamad also expressed their thanks to officials of HMC social work departments, including Abdul Rahman Al Sahli (Wakra Hospital), Haya Al Mraikhi (Rumaila Hospital), Ibrahim Al Marhoon (Communicable Disease Center), Ibtihal Mursi (Home Healthcare Services), Muna Al Sayyed (Cuban Hospital), and all social workers under all these HMC facilities for their continued dedication to serving patients.

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