The Tobacco Control Center at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) recently participated in a virtual session hosted by the World Health Organization (WHO) to discuss the cost coverage of treating the effects of smoking, as part of the observance of the International Day for Smoking Cessation this year under the slogan, Commit to Smoking Cessation.

The session discussed the primary role of health or social insurance companies to cover the costs of consultations and to provide treatment for smokers. WHO Experts from Geneva participated in the session along with the expert from New Zealand. One hundred forty-two specialists attended the session.

Dr Ahmad Al Mulla, Head of the HMC Smoking Cessation Center presented a brief on smoking cessation services in Qatar including all the necessary medications provided to citizens and residents, free-of-charge, to help them quit smoking, which results in reducing treatment costs caused by smoking and the negative smoking effects.

A recent study conducted in cooperation with the health council for GCC shows that the cost of treating smoking-related diseases in 2016 in Qatar amounts to around US$895 million, equivalent to more than QAR3 billion.

The session stressed the importance of covering the costs of treatments by health insurance companies as smoking cessation is strongly related to the reduction of health services costs in countries.

HMC urges smokers to take advantage of the services provided by the Smoking Cessation Center. Call 4025 4981 or 5080 0959 or visit for more information. 

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