The expansion of Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Pediatric Emergency Center (PEC) Al Sadd which provides highly specialised, quality emergency services to paediatric patients from across Qatar, has proven to be a resounding success following its official opening late last year.

The expansion was developed to cater to the continuously increasing number of patients seen by the centre. As a result of the expansion, PEC Al Sadd is now 25% larger with more staff than ever before. It has an extra 22 new beds distributed across 13 treatment rooms, as well as six triage rooms, an emergency procedure room and an isolation unit.

The services and amenities of the upgraded facility have provided children and families with further specialised emergency services as well as additional resources and space. The expansion has also helped ease wait times for patients by enabling a more efficient flow of paediatric patients, with the increase in staff and number of beds and rooms provided by the expansion immediately leading to a 20% to 30% decrease in wait times.Pediatric Emergeny HMC

Patient feedback has been extremely positive and there has been a noticeable increase in the number of patients visiting PEC specifically among Qataris after the expansion. Patients have reported increased levels of satisfaction due to reduced waiting times, additional triage areas, spacious and comfortable waiting areas, a more child friendly ambience, spacious examination rooms that promote privacy and confidentiality, improved signage as well as clearly separated clinical areas, making it easier for them to identify and approach their care provider.

The expansion at PEC Al Sadd has also been positively received by its clinical team which has welcomed the increased opportunities it has provided to deliver even better patient care. Speaking about the main benefits the expansion has brought to patients in Doha, Dr Khalid Al Ansari, Medical Director of HMC’s Pediatric Emergency Services said:

The expansion has enabled everyone at PEC Al Sadd – both staff and patients – to benefit from the improvements ranging from the spacious and comfortable working environment to the new medical equipment and improved waiting and patient care areas. We are all proud to play a role in continuing to build upon the centre’s success.’

Dr Al Ansari added:

The expansion has really helped us to provide patient care that is more efficient and timelier than ever before. The congestion in the waiting area of the old building especially during peak hours has lessened allowing our patients and healthcare providers to move freely. Triage nurses are now just in front of the waiting area so it’s also much easier to monitor patients in the waiting area for any change in their condition. This means that patient care is provided in a way where both the provider and the receiver of care are satisfied.’

The Pediatric Emergency Center Al Sadd is located on Suhaim bin Hamad intersection, Mirqaab Al Jadeed Area 39. It is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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