Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) is taking part in the World Innovation Summit for Health 2015 (WISH) on Tuesday and Wednesday.

At the conference, which is attended by international leaders in healthcare, HMC will be showcasing their patient experience tracker app, ‘How Was Your Visit?’ which has been piloted in the National Center for Cancer Care and Research (NCCCR) over the last three months.

The app is iPad based and being featured as part of the Young Innovators Showcase and staff from NCCCR will be demonstrating how the app works. It is available in both English and Arabic and has proved very popular with patients. It asks patients to rate their visit to the hospital, such as the quality of service, how they were welcomed on arrival and how they found the care given by both doctors and nurses. Out of those who have responded so far, the average score for the eight questions was four out of five.

The application is available for all patients and visitors to complete and can be found on iPads in all the main departments of the NCCCR. In addition, handheld iPads are also available in each department to provide easier access for patients.

Dr Al Hareth Al Khater, Senior Consultant at NCCCR, explained that the application has enabled staff at the hospital to make changes for the benefits of patients, based on the feedback received via the app.

He said:

We are delighted with the results from the app so far – they have been extremely positive and we find this very encouraging, as we always aim to provide the safest, most effective care at the NCCCR. However, we know there is always room for improvement and we are continuously looking to make sure our patients have the best experience possible when they come to our hospital.’

For more information visit HMC’s Website , or call 44390945 or email [email protected]