A Yemeni national, 31-year-old Mohammed is the latest recipient of a successful kidney transplant – a kidney he received from his cousin Nasser – performed by a specialised team of surgeons at Hamad General Hospital this week.

Mohammad had been battling a kidney problem for 10 years prior to the surgery. Upon hearing the need for a transplant, his cousin Nasser stepped forward to be his donor. Having been on the waiting list for six months, Awad learnt about Hamad Medical Corporation/Organ Donation Centre through a friend living in Doha.

Mohammed said:

As soon as my friend informed me about the transplant services in Doha, I made arrangements to get in touch with the team. The response was positive. The quality of care and the level of professionalism of the team is great. My cousin and I are very happy with the treatment we have received.’

The ‘Give the Gift of Life’ campaign from HMC features real life patient stories from Qatar, where one family member has donated to another. A website, ‘Give the Gift of Life’, has been set up to hold more information about organ donation in Qatar.

Dr Yousif Almaslamani, Director of the Qatar Center for Organ Transplantation and Lead of the Kidney Transplant team, said the donor match was made on organ compatibility. He said:

Every successful surgery we perform motivates us further to achieve our goal of a nation with a self-sufficient organ donation and an efficient transplant system…It gives us great satisfaction when we are able to help people in other countries improve their quality of life through organ transplantation when they have suitable related kidney donors, this reflects our Center’s vision of developing a regional center of excellence in organ transplantation.’

Dr Riadh Fadhil, Director of the Qatar Organ Donation Centre (Hiba), said there had been a sharp increase in the number of registrants on the Donor Registry for donation with more than 20,000 signing up.

The living related kidney donation has increased as well and we are now preparing 18 living related donors for donation to their family members…this is a result of the diligent implementation of the strategic, ethical and moral guidelines depicted by the Doha Donation Accord, and the Organ Donation Campaign that HMC is leading.’

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