Hamad General Hospital’s Trauma Intensive Care Unit (TICU) has moved to the new Surgical Services Building—a newly built multipurpose, state of the art facility.

The Trauma Intensive Care Unit’s (TICU) cutting edge equipment utilises the most superior and advanced technologies in a more spacious and calming environment for patients and families. The facility is situated adjacent to the large-scale HGH Emergency Department re-development site currently under construction.

Asmaa Mosa, Director of Nursing for Trauma Services, said:

The new TICU has a dedicated entrance for families and visitors to patients in the unit. They can access the service only through this entrance.’

Located next to the new Surgical Services Building, a multistory parking provides 800 spaces and has a covered access link for visitors.

Mosa said with 19 beds, the TICU provides advanced care for critically ill trauma patients who need constant monitoring and close observation in a sophisticated environment.

This includes those with severe trauma to the chest or abdomen, with complex multiple fractures, and patients with severe head and spinal injuries.

The TICU is a key component of the newly expanded facility and provides advanced trauma life support and post-operative care for trauma patients in a superior healing environment.’

As it was purpose built, we have been able to ensure it has a calm and restorative atmosphere. We also have dedicated male and female visitor lounges so families can have some comfort and privacy.’