In commemoration of the World Osteoporosis Day today, 20 October, officials at Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Tobacco Control Center are warning the public about the link between smoking and osteoporosis and are urging smokers to take advantage of smoking cessation services.


Dr Ahmad Al Mulla, Head of HMC’s Tobacco Control Center, said smoking is known to increase the risk for osteoporosis in both males and females. He added that smoking decreases the body’s absorption of calcium, which is necessary for vital cellular functions and good bone health. Smoking also affects the balance of hormones in the body, including estrogen, which is needed to build and maintain a strong skeletal system in women.

Furthermore, Dr Al Mulla also said that there is growing evidence that smoking delays bone healing and notes that smokers take longer to heal from fractures than those who do not smoke. He said smoking is also known to decrease the effectiveness of Vitamin D which is required for optimal calcium absorption and is essential to good bone health.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, HMC’s Tobacco Control Center has continued to provide support for tobacco-dependent patients through telephone-based consultations. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Center has increased its operating capacity threefold, providing the public with greater access to smoking cessation services.

Dr Al Mulla is urging smokers to consider quitting, saying they should contact HMC’s Tobacco Control Center to learn more about services available. HMC’s Tobacco Control Center can be contacted at 4025 4981 or 5080 0959.