Qatar Museums (QM) has successfully concluded the first round of training sessions for participants taking part in its recently launched community cultural ambassador programme. The initiative, organised by QM Cultural Tourism Unit, is designed to engage long-term residents of Qatar to become Honorary Cultural Ambassadors.

The programme has been immensely popular, with hundreds of residents representing nearly 60 nationalities applying for the chance to represent Qatar. Following the application and review process, 70 people were chosen to be trained by QM’s expert guides to become Honorary Cultural Ambassadors.

The chosen Ambassadors demonstrated keen interest in Qatar’s cultural offering and deep passion for sharing their knowledge with others. As part of their responsibilities, participants will have the honour of meeting with distinguished VIP guests and accompanying them on tours of cultural sites, as well as offering their own views and interpretations of Qatar to allow guests to fully experience and enjoy Qatar’s cultural and historic highlights.

Somaya Al Tamimi, Director of Strategy and Quality Assurance at Qatar Museums, said they are honoured by the interest and engagement that the programme received from the community. She said that they are proud of the selected group. She added that the 70 chosen Ambassadors have broad knowledge and love for Qatar which, according to her, will help take the experience of visitors to the next level.

The Honorary Cultural Ambassadors are currently taking part in comprehensive training sessions, attend a series of lectures on art, heritage, culture and the history of Qatar. This will be led by field experts and complemented by tours to some of Qatar’s most unique destinations. To complete the programme and earn the HCA designation, participants will need to take part in two afternoon lectures and two full-day VIP tours to QM museums, exhibitions and heritage sites. Trainings kicked off last week at the Doha Fire Station, which will be followed by several visits to QM institutions.

The honorary designation signifies QM’s appreciation of residents’ dedication to the community, as well as their commitment to Qatar and the local culture.

For more information about the Honorary Cultural Ambassadors programme, visit the QM website at