Hyundai Motor Company is donating medical equipment and personal protection items worth US$2.4 million to countries across the Middle East and Africa, in an effort to help tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.

With thousands of people affected across the world, Hyundai has stepped up its efforts by purchasing over 603,000 items that will benefit the frontline medical workers and the public across 37 countries.

The contribution includes the distribution of 445,500 face masks, 100,000 industrial mask, 25,000 hand sanitisers, 32,500 protective suits and 43 ambulances across 37 countries in the Middle East and Africa. All equipment will be distributed by government and non-government organisations in each respective countries.

The contributions are part of Hyundai’s commitment to supporting the communities. The company has continued to work closely with governments and partners to combat COVID-19 and bolster the global effort to curb the further spread of the virus.

In recent weeks, Hyundai also helped those in need around the world through donations and contributions of medical equipment and personal protective items.

According to Bang Sun Jeong, Vice President and Head of Hyundai Motor Company in Middle East and Africa, they have seen the impact that COVID-19 has had across the world in the last few weeks, which has affected hundreds of thousands of people.

Caring for humanity has always been at the heart of Hyundai’s vision and having assisted those in need in countries around the world, we are proud to expand our support to countries across the Middle East and Africa region that have been hardest hit by the pandemic.

He said that the contributions of hand sanitisers, face masks, protective equipment and ambulances are another step forward to making a positive difference.

We believe (that) if we work together, we can overcome anything. We hope this pandemic will soon come to an end and we can help people get back to their daily lives.

To help in the effort against COVID-19, Hyundai is helping deliver emergency supplies to medical facilities in China; they also launched the Hyundai Solidarity Transport programme to give transportation for the elderly and healthcare professionals in Brazil; and has also provided a fleet of vehicles to volunteers and self-isolating customers in the UK.

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