Twenty-nine IAID music students are all set to take the national stage in the first edition of Qatar National Music Competition (QNMC), to be held at Katara Drama Theatre from 15—19 October. 

IAID Qatar_Qatar National Music Competition 2017_Doha Qatar

The students are vying for places in various categories such as Solo Vocals, Solo Piano, Solo Keyboard, Solo Guitar, Music Ensemble & Composition.

During one of the students’ rehearsals, Vicky Ferrer-Mustafa, IAID Centre Head, said:

We are proud of you dear students. You are already winners. Believe in yourselves as you have been trained by the best instructors. Don’t forget that you are ensured of a solid learning foundation with IAID. ‘

Split into various categories, the competition is open to anyone with musical inclination, 18 years old and below. The categories are sub-divided according to participants’ age — 11 and under, 14 and under, and 18 and under — and instrument of choice — solo piano, solo winds, solo strings, solo vocal, percussion/harp/guitar, and composition.

Featuring both Arabic and Western music categories, QNMC will open the stage for both performing musicians and young composers. There will also be a Special Needs category for differently-abled children. Age limit for participants is 18 years old with the exception of one distinctive category, which is open only for Qatari citizens.

The competition is organised by Moving Young Artists (MYA), a Qatar-based non-profit foundation.

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