NeXTfairs is thrilled to announce its partnership with Agora Group to launch the first-ever Qatar Blockchain Summit at The St. Regis, Doha on 11 and 12 September 2023. 

Qatar Blockchain Summit 2023 is an exclusive, closed-door experience that will bring together world-renown speakers and C-level decision-makers for two days of networking, learning and discovery.

Rawad Sleem
Rawad Sleem

Focusing on real-life applications of blockchain’s decentralised technology, the event will gather digital transformation leaders across a wide range of industries such as government, finance, healthcare, energy, and transportation, to understand how to unlock the power of blockchain and increase efficiency, transparency and authenticity in their operations.

According to NeXTfairs Founder and General Manager Rawad Sleem, the blockchain market in the MENA region is on the precipice of huge growth. He shared that according to the latest study by the Ministry of Communication and Information, Qatar’s blockchain market size was estimated at US$33.2 million in 2022 and is expected to grow by 66% annually to reach US$253.4 million in 2026.

The same study has stated, however, that current awareness of blockchain – more than a third of SME companies – is low and with a low utilisation rate of around 3%, demonstrating that the market has considerable room to expand.

We are excited to highlight the enormous potential of this market: what it can do for business, its ROI for investors and how it can help position Qatar as a hub for advanced technologies.

Speaking about the launch, Agora Group co-founder Hadi Malaeb said that the Qatar Blockchain Summit will anchor on Qatar’s position as a leading adaptor of blockchain and a central hub for global innovation. He said that by bringing the most advanced blockchain innovators to the country and showcasing Qatari startups and talent, the event will significantly attract foreign direct investment and media exposure to the country.

What is Blockchain

Gaining popularity in recent years, blockchain technology is a unique innovation that offers users a decentralised structure, improved security and privacy, reduced costs, and visibility and traceability. The first practical implementation of blockchain tech came with the release of Bitcoin and was initially used as a decentralised ledger to record transactions in an absolute manner.

Blockchain can improve record management and provide protection, keeping anonymous identifications and data in employer databases while storing the encrypted hash key to safeguard data.

For example, The Netherlands uses a blockchain-based infrastructure to administer its pension programme. Blockchain technology can also be used to create smart contracts, which enables the rules of the contract to be enforced in real-time. This eliminates the middleman and adds levels of accountability for all parties involved in a way not possible with traditional agreements – saving businesses time and money while ensuring compliance from everyone involved.

Inaugural blockchain summit in Qatar

The inaugural Qatar Blockchain Summit is an exclusive, closed-door, C-level business platform that showcases real-life applications of blockchain technologies, showcasing what’s in it for enterprises and government and how blockchain can be used along with other disruptive technologies such as Metaverse and Web 3, gaming, and DeFi and NFT (non-fungible token).

During the summit, blockchain solution providers will have the rare opportunity to hand-pick governmental and corporate suitors and discuss in detail potential collaborations.

This platform will allow critical stakeholders in Qatar to showcase their support for innovation and entrepreneurship and their contribution to placing Qatar as a hub for advanced technologies, startup funding and talent attraction.

Qatar Blockchain Summit 2023 will take place from 11 to 12 September at The St. Regis, Doha. Please note that this exclusive, closed-door event is open only to invited attendees, registered suppliers and entrepreneurs. Registrations are now available for exhibitors.

For more details and enquiries about sponsorship, call 3316 1144 or send an email to [email protected]. You can also visit their website at

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