Qatar Career Development Center (QCDC), in collaboration with Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), released a series of short videos to shed light on medical professionals at the forefront of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The series, titled White Army, aims to raise awareness of the role of health professionals in containing the virus and protecting society – including doctors, nurses, paramedics, administrative members, researchers, drug developers, and healthcare workers.

Featuring more than 15 interviews, participants discuss aspects of their daily life and tasks, share vital tips on prevention measures, and also advise students who are interested in pursuing careers in the same profession.

Frontline Healthcare Professionals in Qatar 7

When every individual chooses the profession that best aligns with their personal skills and aspirations, and the long-term needs of Qatar, we would succeed in creating a ‘safety net’ of qualified professionals to address challenges in times of crisis, says QCDC Director Abdullah Al Mansoori, thanking all medical professionals for their tremendous efforts and highly efficient response to the global pandemic.

Their high competence stems from sound career planning from an early age and throughout their career journey.

The current pandemic has served to emphasise the importance of putting the right people in the right place, the ultimate objective of career guidance, which enables students to pursue the career path that best aligns with their abilities and inclinations to improve the odds of professional success and development, both on individual and societal levels.

QCDC, a member of Qatar Foundation, assumes this important role on a national level. Through publications, workshops and career fairs, among other initiatives, QCDC shares professional knowledge and expertise and trains qualified career practitioners who in turn are promoting career guidance to empower youth in Qatar.

Thousands of people from different communities across the country have benefited from QCDC’s efforts, including students, alumni, parents, career counselors, academics, and other stakeholders in the field of career guidance and professional development.

Al Mansoori said that today, the efforts of QCDC are more evident than ever, as the world faces exceptional circumstances amid the outbreak of a global pandemic.

The current challenging circumstances prove we made the right choice when we decided to offer our services online, particularly access to our career advising system, which features diverse and innovative components as well as psychometric and personality assessment tools to help students identify the most appropriate academic and career paths. All the system’s tools are accessible online from home.

Ali Al Khater, Chief of Corporate Communications at HMC, highlighted that community awareness campaigns play a fundamental role in raising awareness about the virus and are designed to limit the spread of infections. He also noted the importance of the video series in showcasing a career in the field of medicine and healthcare.

This video series aims to shed light on the efforts undertaken by the medical sector under the current exceptional circumstances. With the support of Balqis Alkhazraji, who managed the project as HMC’s representative, he said that the aim has been to introduce youth to the important role that medical professionals play, and thereby incentivise an increasing number of students to join and consider a career as a healthcare professional dedicated to serving their country in the future.

The video series is available to view on QCDC and HMC social media platforms.

Watch their latest video here:

الحلقة الثانية عشرة من سلسلة #الجيش_الأبيض

ما هي التغييرات التي طرأت على خدمات الطب النفسي في ظل أزمة كورونا؟ هذا هو موضوع حلقتنا الثانية عشرة من سلسلة #الجيش_الأبيضHow has the Covid-19 crisis reshaped psychiatric services is the focus of our 12th episode of the #White_Army seriesPrimary Health Care Corporation – مؤسسة الرعاية الصحية الأوليةHamad Medical Corporation Qatar Foundation وزارة الصحة العامة – Ministry of Public Health

Posted by Qatar Career Development Center on Thursday, 18 June 2020