Interactive Tool Launched to Manage Diabetes During Ramadan

The Qatar Diabetes Association (QDA) and Lilly, the US-based leading innovation driven corporation, joined hands to educate diabetes patients with a new, interactive education tool.


The ‘Managing Diabetes During Ramadan’ Conversation Map aims to help patients achieve a safer Ramadan experience by encouraging conversation about the disease, its risks, the importance of creating a diabetes and Ramadan management plan, and what to do should complications arise.

As part of QDA’s annual program to educate the public and especially diabetic patients about the disease and how to better manage it during the holy month of Ramadan, the association developed and is currently implementing a full plan to cover the different aspects of diabetes. Lilly has partnered with QDA to include the Diabetes Conversation Map tool in the planned education sessions.

Dr Abdullah Al Hamaq, Executive Director of Qatar Diabetes Association,said:

Through this map, both patients and healthcare providers will have the relevant tool to help achieve a better diabetes control.’

Newly-introduced in Qatar, the tool is part of the Diabetes Conversation Map Education Program launched by Lilly in the Gulf since 2009 and that has been used to educate more than 3,700 diabetes patients on diabetes and its management.

According to IDF Atlas 2012, four Gulf countries – Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain, rank among the top ten countries globally for prevalence of diabetes among adults aged 20-79 years. Alarmingly, up to half of the people with diabetes are unaware that they have the disease.

Lilly Near East and Gulf General Manager Huzur Devletşah said:

Beyond providing innovative medicines, Lilly supports comprehensive diabetes education. Here in the Gulf, our partnerships have enabled us to collaborate with all persons involved in the management and treatment of diabetes to support the patients and help them overcome the challenges they face.’

Created by Healthy Interactions, a global leader in health education, in collaboration with the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), and with the support of Lilly Diabetes, the unique Diabetes Conversation Map education tools have been introduced in more than 120 countries, and are now available in 35 languages on seven different diabetes-related topics.