The 3rd edition of the Oud Festival at the Katara Cultural Village continues to grab international attention as participants and music lovers from around the world take part in it.

3rd Oud FestivalParticipant from Germany, musician and composer Lucas said it was his first time in Qatar and he came especially to attend the Oud festival.

The scene here is beautiful; everything is well organised and the setting of the festival is awesome. I think the festival is really important, the Oud produces a very unique kind of music and I am a fan of this musical instrument in addition to being a fan of other kinds of music in Europe.’

Lucas said he established an institution in Germany to teach how to play the Oud. He praised the festival adding that he was inspired by the festival.

I think that traditional music is gradually being forgotten in some countries and this festival focuses on one valuable instrument from the heart of Arabian traditional music.’

Another participant, Michaelis from Cyprus, said the festival is so special because it combines the Mediterranean culture with the Arabian and European culture. He said that despite the Oud being a musical instrument from the East, it has become a key element in European concerts.

I am fascinated by the festival and the concept of gathering all these musicians from all around the world in one place.’

The 3rd Oud Festival at Katara Cultural Village was held last week and participated by musical artists from Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, Tunis, Oman, Morocco, Iran, Lebanon, Yemen, Greece, and Kuwait.

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