Naufar, alongside other organisations from around the world, is coming together to remember those who have died or suffered permanent injury due to drug overdose.

Observed on 31 August every year, International Overdose Awareness Day (IOAD) seeks to create a better understanding of overdose, reduce the stigma of drug-related deaths and create change that reduces the harms associated with drug use.

To celebrate the IOAD this year, Naufar patients and staff are joining the global movement for greater understanding and compassion and to promote change.

Naufar Assistant Director-General, Dr Khalifa Al Kuwari, said that by coming together to remember loved ones who have died or been injured because of overdose, they are standing together to say that more needs to be done to end incidence of overdose in communities.

Coming together to raise awareness

In 2019, there were a record 874 IOAD events of all kinds in 39 countries. Last year, despite the disruption caused by COVID-19, the world united again to hold 602 events – a phenomenal effort. People and communities come together annually to raise awareness of one of the world’s most urgent public health crises – one that, unfortunately, is getting worse.

According to the United Nations World Annual Drug Report, 585,000 people around the world died as a result of drug use in 2017. Statistics for 2020 show that the situation has become even more critical since the current pandemic began.

According to Naufar Chief Executive Officer David Biddle, raising awareness about preventing overdose is more important now than ever. He said that their local initiative has seen their pharmacy department educating Naufar patients and their families on the use of Naloxone, a life-saving drug that can reverse an opioid overdose. He said that this is vital work in the battle to reduce the number of deaths.

Naufar is a ground-breaking sanctuary for the wellness and treatment of behavioural disorders. They offer residential and non-residential programmes, assessment services and awareness programmes. Visit for more information. 

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