Outstanding Schools Middle East Conference, one of the most relevant conferences on education, invited two representatives from International School of London (ISL Qatar) – Deputy Head of School and Director of Teaching and Learning David Bryan and Group Chief Academic Officer Dr Sergio Pawel – as featured speakers.

Dr Pawel said it is a privilege to be invited to the conference, particularly at a point when there is a distinct paradigm shift in education.

What does it mean for a school to be invited to such an important event? Recognition of ISL’s contribution to the professional development of the regional and global community of teachers.

I'M SPEAKING AT #OSME2021 !ISL Qatar prides itself on being an educational environment for creativity, innovation and transformation. Moreover, as an educator, opportunities to collaborate with like-minded educators is an honour. Engendering a pedagogical transition in education is powerful; more so when this can be a networking and sharing experience.

Bryan said that establishing a culture of coaching is prevalent at ISL Qatar, alongside a distinct approach to professional growth. He said that there is an increasing number of educators that see the potential of a coaching culture, starting with fellow educators and the influence on professional learning and growth.

Ultimately, the goal is to provide an engaging experience for our learners. coupled with a rich sense of empowerment and ownership.

For ISL Qatar representatives, sharing experiences alone was a pivotal learning opportunity to evaluate and develop a deeper understanding of one’s own concepts in respect of professional learning and coaching culture.  As a learning experience, it is rather comforting to know that other educators are experiencing challenges and finding innovative ways to embrace and overcome those challenges.

Bryan said that alternative models of coaching that engages on a collaborative level as opposed to a model that is one-to-one should be explored. Listening to the learning community and ensuring the inclusion of all stakeholders in the learning community creates a deeper foundation of coaching upon which to create and construct more powerful models for educators and learners.

To learn more about ISL Qatar, visit islqatar.org

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