ISL Qatar took on a whole new dimension of synchronous learning with their unique participation in the Microsoft Global Learning Connection.  As the only school in Qatar to engage in an interview with Anthony Salcito as part of the day, Garin Rees and his Grade 1 Class were more than a little excited!

Minecraft, alongside Microsoft has become synonymous with the magic of creative learning at ISL Qatar.  As one of the many dimensions of innovative collaboration, ISL Qatar has taken Minecraft to heart and seen wonderful opportunities to engage with learning from multiple perspectives. Epitomising ‘Open Hearts.  Open Minds’ as an integral part of their thinking; students considered, culture, diversity and identity on their learning journey in Grade 1.

Creating their own facets of identity using Minecraft as a platform, the class were able to communicate their thinking through collaborative creativity.  They were able to craft a world upon which to elevate their own concepts of cultural diversity and identity.  More importantly, they were able to share their ideas in real time with their peers and connect with one another.  Utilising Microsoft Teams, students also took their ideas to other classrooms around the world and extended their ‘Global Learning Connections’, with Microsoft providing the innovative tools to make this happen.

ISL Qatar’s Deputy Head, David Bryan, commented on the event:

Our partnership with Microsoft provided us with a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate our student’s ‘mastery within a culture of collaboration’; one of the key elements of our mission statement.’

Opportunity!  The opportunity for students of Grade 1 to demonstrate their understanding, critical thinking and self-awareness.  An opportunity provided by Microsoft that has forged other pathways of learning for the students at ISL Qatar, alongside the creative and innovative energy of our learning community.  When students, teachers and parents come together to harness imaginative concepts, it becomes the most powerful expression of learning that we can envisage.



As part of the day, students continued to develop and grow their ideas to share with their peers and the rest of the world.  At a time when learning has taken on new perspectives, fresh dimensions and enlightened thinking – ISL Qatar has embraced these elements with aplomb.  Students across the school have been afforded the opportunity to explore, take risks and engage with learning on their own terms.  What better way to immerse innovation, creativity and imagination than within the world of Minecraft!

As ISL Qatar continues to innovate, strives for creativity in learning and embraces an exploration of original learning concepts, Microsoft and Minecraft has become the catalyst for more exciting opportunities.  Who knows what we might be building in the future?  Whatever it may be – it is within the realms of our imagination and that alone is a learning journey that we all want to be a part of at ISL Qatar.

ISL Qatar Students’ cultural and linguistic identities are valued and nurtured through our international curriculum and mother tongue language programmes. ISL Qatar currently offers 12 mother tongue language programmes in Spanish, French, Arabic, Portugese, Greek, Swedish, Turkish, Japanese, Dutch, German, Russian and Italian. ISL Qatar’s  student body of over 1160 are aged from 3 to 18.

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