Students from International School of London Qatar (ISL Qatar) won the top place for their Solar Panel Project at the recent Global Act Impact Awards at THIMUN Qatar 2020.

The main purpose of the students’ project was to plan for the installation of solar panels in the reception area of the school, so that the area can run independently. The next phase is to transition each sector of the school to run using solar energy.

The project looks into helping preserve the environment and advocating the cause to prevent the disastrous effects of climate change on the planet. Their goal was to engage more people in a renewable energy project to gradually improve the current state of the Earth.

THIMUN Qatar has been working to serve as a platform for global impact and change. Following that spirit and as part of their MUN Impact initiative, this year’s THIMUNQ conference hosted the first ever GAIA contest.

ISL Qatar has an outstanding reputation for high academic standards, prestigious International Baccalaureate programmes and an impressive record of admission to the best universities worldwide. For further information about ISL Qatar, visit