Qatar Racing Club, the home of motorsports in the Middle East in partnership with Jaidah Automotive, a subsidiary of Jaidah Group, and the exclusive dealer of Chevrolet motors in Qatar has announced the grand opening of The Camaro Drift School in at Qatar Racing Club, Street 52 Industrial Area

Drifting as a technique has been used by drivers as early as the 1930s in rally races, enabling them to take a car beyond its limits. Participants would drift, or slide, around corners throughout a variety of road conditions, allowing them to maintain a high speed, instead of slowing down to take the turn. Mastering this technique then led to a flashier and more skilled drifting, with competitors each developing their own unique style.

The adrenaline rush and intensity of drifting has increased the popularity of the motorsport amongst young Qatari’s and a national  effort to ensure that this generation of enthusiast drifters are safe on the roads is a focus for the region.  Originally, the pioneers of drifting were also outlaws with street drifting being the only way to learn.  The Camaro Drift School provides a brand new fleet of customised Chevrolet Camaros, a state of the art dynamic space and world class professional instructors, offering students an exceptional experience, where complete novices can learn to drift in high powered rear wheel Camaro cars.

Camaro QRC Drift School

Fahad Bahzad Chief Executive Officer of Qatar Racing Club said:

Qatar racing Club aims to help students achieve their ultimate drifting experience; we encourage all aspiring professionals to acquire the necessary skills to enjoy the art of drifting. The Camaro Drift School provides a safe environment for the community of Qatar to obtain necessary skills to enjoy the art of drifting. We are thrilled to partner once again with Jaidah automotive in promoting a secure and sustainable space for future generations of drifters to thrive and master this unique sport.’

As a motorsport discipline, professional drifting track days are held at Qatar Racing Club every week . The judged competition has six rounds and is held throughout the Qatar Racing Club season. The drifters are judged according to the speed, angle, and showmanship. Today the sport has evolved into one of the most popular driving experiences globally.

The Camaro Drift School will be provide a ROOKIE DRIFT TRAINING programme, which is divided into three levels designed to give student’s a basic step-by-step training of the key drift techniques utilised by professional drifters. The programme is developed to ensure that students are equipped with the essential drift techniques, ideal for anyone wanting to get a taste of what the sport of drifting is really like.

Khalid Samir, Director of Operations of Jaidah Automotive said:

Drifiting is a very popular sport in the region, we are delighted to partner with Qatar Racing Club as an official sponsor of the Camaro Drift school , continuing to support the national efforts to raise awareness of the importance of safety in motorsports in Qatar with passion and commitment. The school is a great opportunity to discover just how versatile the Camaro car really is, cementing Chevrolet’s reputation as brand rooted in innovation and authenticity’