Jaidah Automotive, Chevrolet’s exclusive dealer in Qatar, and Chevrolet’s regional team of Customer Care and Aftersales held an insightful, entertaining session featuring the Chevrolet Complete Care programme. The session held at the Chevrolet showroom and Quick Service Center in Salwa Road discussed the One Hour Service scheme which guarantees that customers can service their Chevrolet in one hour or less.

Attending the session was Khalid Samir, Director of Operations at Jaidah Automotive. Also present at the event was Mohamed Abdel-Zaher, Regional Operations Manager, Customer Care and Aftersales for Chevrolet as well as representatives from both ends.

Attendees got the chance to get a hands-on experience on what goes on to be able to assure convenience, trust and peace of mind to Chevrolet customers. Guests got to experience coffee ‘Barista’ workshop and a chance to learn how to make ‘Latté Art’, in the hour a Chevrolet car was undergoing service.

Mohamed Abdel-Zaher, Regional Operations Manager, Customer Care and Aftersales for Chevrolet, gave a presentation explaining that Chevrolet owners in the Middle East have access to the brand’s Complete Care programme, which means scheduled maintenance takes only an hour, and they are guaranteed an appointment within two days.

Khalid Samir, Director of Operations at Jaidah Automotive, discussed ‘We will handle it,’ a unique ongoing campaign in the Qatari market launched in 2015 by Jaidah Automotive for Chevrolet customers. The campaign encompasses the Chevrolet Complete Care promise and also includes a range of aftersales services at a cost that is lower than any other service center on the market. This comprehensive aftersales service demonstrates the expertise of the Chevrolet aftersales customer service, as well as maintenance from the moment the vehicle rolls out of the showroom.

The ‘We will handle it‘ campaign focuses on the services that make Jaidah Automotive a pioneer in the aftersales and customer service field and focuses on eight main pillars;

Service in One Hour

Jaidah Automotive promises to service your car for free if they don’t do it in less than one hour. This is a unique service to the Qatari market.

27/7Roadside Assistance

Regional Roadside Assistance is available 24 hours a day to assist Chevrolet customers no matter what the problem is, be it a flat tire, technical issue or simply running out of gas. Jaidah Automotive ensures that the highly trained service agents and technicians are available to assist customers around the clock.

Free Courtesy Car

Upon availability, while the car is in service Jaidah Automotive provides customers a courtesy car free of charge.

Minimum of 101 Checkpoint Service

Jaidah Automotive has skilled technicians and engineers who make sure they don’t miss anything when a car is in service. The team of experts will go through 101 Checkpoints to verify that the problem is handled

Free Pick-up and Delivery Service:

Jadiah Automotive appreciates the customer’s time and offers the pick-up and drop-off service which takes the car of the client from anywhere they desire and bring it to the service centre for maintenance then return it without any additional costs.

Open 16 hours a day

In a continuous effort to cater to customer needs, Jaidah Automotive encourages clients to bring in their cars for servicing at any of the Chevrolet Quick Service Centers during the extended working hours to cover 16 hours a day.

Award-Winning Technicians

Jaidah Automotive has a team of award-winning technicians that won five prestigious industry awards, guaranteeing the best service quality to customers

Five Service Centres across Qatar

Jadiah Automotive opened has a total of five Chevrolet Quick Service Centers, spread across Qatar and readily available to all residents around the country.

Offering utmost convenience to customers, the GM Quick Service Center operates for extended hours from 7 am to 11 pm Saturday to Thursday. The showroom is open for customers from 8 am to 12 pm and from 4 pm and 8 pm.

Call Jaidah Automotive toll-free number for service at 8000101 or visit JaidahAutomotive.com