Jaidah Group is broadening its offer in Qatar by signing a strategic partnership with Havelsan, a company known for developing sophisticated systems for domestic and foreign military bodies, public sector entities and private sector organisations. Havelsan also provides ‘smart solutions’ based on the latest state-of-the-art technologies.

Group Executive Director of Jaidah Group, Mohamed J Jaidah, together with Havelsan CEO Ahmet Hamdi Atalay,  recently signed an MOU to seal the long-term partnership between the two companies, mainly focused on the provision of  an extensive range of Cyber Security solutions and services in Qatar.

The partnership will initially involve Jaidah Group achieving certification and access to proprietary cyber-security platforms developed by Havelsan and the establishment of a cyber security centre in Qatar operated by Jaidah Group.

Havelsan was first launched in 1982 by the Turkish Armed Force Foundation to deliver software solutions to the Turkish Army. Its advanced and pioneering technologies encompass command control systems, training and simulations systems, as well as information management systems.

It helps design, plan and deliver critical infrastructure for a wide range of governmental defence organisations and private sector entities around the world and has also successfully designed and delivered a range of e-government projects mainly in the Republic of Turkey.

Jaidah Group, meanwhile, has long been known for its success in developing partnership with strategically important businesses to expand its existing, world-class portfolio. It is determined to give customers the widest possible range of options across all key sectors of the economy. With Havelsan, they found an equal partner.

Havelsan is the most significant e-government transformation organisation in Turkey and provides uninterrupted, secure and reliable services and solutions through national cyber security systems they design and produce. In addition, Havelsan also develops command and control and combat systems for the Air and Naval Forces, developing land, naval and air platforms.

The MOU will enable Jaidah Group and Havelsan to engage with a growing number of businesses in the financial services and telecommunications sector as well across different government offices.

Qatar has increasingly developed in investing in and launching advance technologies and systems that tackle cybercrime.

Jaidah said that through their partnership with Havelsan, they found the ideal partner to extend their footprint in the critically important field of cyber security. He said that they are now ideally situated to support the  growing number of entities and organisations that needs protection from external threats, who needs to ensure the safety and security of their operations.

We’re excited to see where this partnership will lead.’

To learn more about Jaidah Group, visit their website at jaidah.com.