Shipton and Blair winners of the Losail MX Round 4 and young Australian rider Kefford first winner in the MX Junior

With a participation of 31 riders and the new category for MX Junior, the fourth round of Losail MX Championship took place on Saturday 17 January 2015 at the Losail MX track.

In the Qualifying sessions, the best lap time was for the British rider, Jake Shipton, in the MX1 category followed by Jake Preston also from Great Britain. The leader of the standings, the Kuwaiti rider, Mohammed Jaffar, made the third best time in the MX1. Regarding MX2, Ryan Blair got the best time in his category and Moaath Al Ansari came second in the Qualifying session. In the new category, MX Junior, the Italian rider, Eugenio Barbaglia, made the best lap time and Nichlas Kefford made the second one.

In the MX Junior, the 13-year-old Australian rider, Nicholas Kefford, won both races in his category of the MX Junior. He said:

It is a new track and I am used to race on sand so I am just trying to adapt as quickly as I can. Even the track is a bit difficult it is really nice. QMMF did  a lot of work in the track and were very helpful today and I will train very hard to come the next time. The second race was better, I felt more comfortable on the bike and thanks to KTM for the support.’

In the MX1 category, both podium in the two races have the same winner: Shipton, Preston and Jaffar. Jake Shipton won again both races as he did in the last round and was very happy to get the two wins. After the races, Shipton said:

Both races were really good. I made some changes in the bike in the second race, suspension and handle bars, mainly to feel more comfortable. I am really happy for my wins and hope to continue like this.’

Jake Preston ended in second position also in both races in the MX1. He said:

The track is good I like it although it was a little dried but is the same for everybody, but I made a good start and I enjoyed the race’ Preston said after the race 1′

Mohammed Jaffar, who was riding a different bike this weekend finished in third position, said:

Today was really difficult for me as I am not riding my bike, actually is a desert bike so I am struggling since morning to make it possible to ride it on a mx track, so I am proud of myself to keep this third position in both races.’

In the MX2, Ryan Blair won both races in his category. His first race was more easier as in the second race he had an accident an twisted his wrist. He said:

The race 1 was good, I made a decent start even I struggled in the gate, but just tried to make through the first turns and don’t crush and safe my rhythm, but in race 2, I had an accident and I hurt my wrist but I managed to win and come in one piece.’

In the first race, the second position in MX2 was for Barak Al Jasmi and Moaath Al Ansari came third. In the second race, Mooath Al Ansari finished in second position and Sultan Al Balooshi in third place. The Kuwaiti rider Barak Al Jasim couldn’t start in the second race due to problem with his bike.

Trophies were presented by Nasser Khalifa Al Attiyah, QMMF President and LIC General Manager, Ali Dhager, FIM Asia Vice President and Sheikh Mohammad Al Sabah from Kuwait. Al Attiyah was very happy with the good performance of the three events held at the same weekend. At end of the day, Al Attiyah said:

It was a great weekend to have different championship at the same time, Qatar Superbike, Qatar Challenge and Losail MX which is very challenging for us for our organisation and we got very good results. We have a new category with the children in the MX, Junior category and we are very happy to see them participating in our track for first time. We thank their parents, from UAE, Great Britain, Australia, Italy and Kuwait to bring their children to our races and this is really great for us. I hope that the local families in Qatar think about that and bring their children for the next rounds…We had a good number of women participation in road racing and one rider in the MX from Honduras, so this is a good achievement and good number of different countries taking part in our championships. As we have a busy calendar during  the season, we have to think how to squeeze the calendar to host activities together in the same weekend, this is very tough but we are practicing on that and we don’t have difficulties to face. I thank to all the LIC staff and participants here and all the people who make a great event and all the media.’

Also Al Attiyah mentioned that QMMF is promoting the environmental consciousness with the programme FIM Ride Green and hope that the riders carry the message from the environmental side. Founded on 2 July 1987, Qatar Motor and Motorcycle Federation (QMMF) is a non-profit goverment organisation and is the sole motor sport authority in Qatar. QMMF is responsible for the administration of all major forms of motorsport in Qatar, controlling both technical and sporting rules in various disciplines. It is focused on helping the young drivers and riders to develop their skills and passion inmotorsport.