JCC, Bareem & Jeem TV logosAl Jazeera Children’s Channel (JCC) will present a programme to inspire children and families during the Holy month of Ramadan. As a child centric channel, JCC recently engaged children with the ‘Ramadan Slogan Competition’ to showcase their spirit in the Holy month. ‘Ramadan Ghaith Al Quloob’, which means ‘Ramadan, the delight of heart’ was chosen as the winning theme and will be featured as an overreaching message of JeemTV and its identity.

Saad Al Hudaifi, JCC’s Deputy Executive General Manager and Channels’ Acting Director, said:

We believe in the imagination and creativity in our young audience and we want to inspire them by ensuring opportunities to showcase their great ideas. With the Ramadan slogan competition, we wanted to empower children and reflect their interests, the competition received and overwhelming response which required great attention from our side to select the winning slogan.’

The programmes include new seasons of channel’s most successful shows such as Tijan Al Noor – The Holy Quran Recitation Contest, Baad Al Taraweeh, Noun and Uncle Mosleh’s Tales. In addition, two co-produced series – Min Qissas Al Saleheen and Olamaa Al Muslimin, as well as acquired short animation movie – Stories of Islam.

Tijan AlNour
Tijan Al Nour

Tijan Al Noor is the channel’s leading annual contest during the month of Ramadan in which children compete by reciting Holy Qur’an. This year 1,367 children aged 9-13 years from 54 countries will compete in front of a prestigious panel of judges from the Arab world. The Holy Quran Recitation Contest is an embodiment of JCC’s strategic policy to strengthen Muslim children’s bonds to the Holy Quran and Arabic language.

Baad Al Taraweeh is an interactive and entertaining programme which features a variety of segments and reports that reflect on the spirit of the Holy month with the participation of a special guest. The live show will take viewers on a journey to explore the different cultures and practices of Ramadan in Muslim homes from different countries along with daily reports on important mosques around the world. The show will also introduce the Arab Tales segment presented by a renowned storyteller. The season, the viewers will be introduced to historical figures through an interactive live daily competition with chances to win valuable prizes.


The entertaining and informative Noun show continues during Ramadan with special segments for girls and families. The show will host the famous chef Manal al Alam who will share her delicious and healthy recipes with Jeem TV’s audience.

Min Qissas Al-Saleheen

JeemTV will introduce children and their families to important figures throughout the history of Islam with a variety of series and short movies. The co-produced series Min Qissas Al-Saleheen and Olamaa Al Muslimin highlight the life and accomplishments of Islam’s honourable scientists and righteous people. The two-part animation movie Stories form Islam will take the audience on a journey in the history as it turns the spotlight on the stories of two outstanding women in Great Women in Islam, and will follow Salman the Persian on his remarkable journey as he escapes from a privileged yet empty life in Persia in his quest for truth.

Olamaa Al Muslimin

Al Hudaifi added:

JCC will also present a captivating and inspiring programme for children and their families on both JeemTV and Baraem.TV which has been exclusively produced and carefully selected to enrich our audiences’ spiritual journey through the Holy month of Ramadan. This year’s programmes will reflect our new content strategy which aims at providing compelling and responsible programmes to Arab children and their families.’

Al Am Mosleh
Uncle Mosleh Tales

Baraem.TV which targets preschoolers between the age of two and six years will air a new season of the exceptional and unique puppetry show Uncle Mosleh Tales which will feature captivating tales from all over the world in a charming atmosphere that widens the children’s horizons and imagination. In every episode, Uncle Mosleh, the old carpenter, and a group of puppets narrate a new story which aims to revive appreciation for the much-loved art of puppetry.