Katara Art Studios has coordinated a Community Photography Installation project called ‘Our Qatar’ in which Katara Cultural Village is inviting all those living, working and visiting Qatar to submit one photo that expresses the way they feel about Qatar and their life in the country.

According to Katara:

Everyone is an artist in this Community Photography Installation project, ‘Our Qatar’ is about the community and the way you feel about your life in the community. How does Qatar inspire you? What do you Love about Qatar? What is your favourite place in Qatar? Who are your favorite friends in Qatar? We encourage everyone to give us a photo, and help us putting it up at the gallery.

Throughout the exhibition, opening on 12 December 2013, Katara Art Studios will continue accepting photographs until the closing of the exhibition on 18 January 2013. Any photo will be accepted and exhibited, as long as it was taken in Qatar and has as background, your life, your friends and family life and experiences in Qatar.

‘Our Qatar’ is an opportunity to have your photography exhibited at Katara. Submit your photograph to Katara Art Studios, Building 19 at Katara Cultural Village Foundation or email it to [email protected].

Note: Maximum size of photo accepted is A3.

For more information, contact the Katara Art Studios team at [email protected] or 4408 02334408 0235.