Hyatt Plaza is committed to take every positive difference to our society. The people of Niger, in Africa, have millions of people going hungry every single day and the hunger crisis is quickly turning into a deadly catastrophe. In order to help these unfortunate people, Hyatt plaza management and Qatar Red Crescent are organising the Fast-a-Thon this Saturday July 21st, an event where each one of us can join hands to help the people of Niger. They believe that the best way to help them is to understand their critical situation ourselves by fasting for a single day.

For every person that registers and fasts, QR200 will be donated by Qatar Red Crescent, on behalf of the fasting person to the people of Niger.

To register and for more information, please visit their website. (This event is for Non-Muslims only).

Remember – YOUR presence can make a difference!
We will be participating as well and would love to see you there!