Josoor Institute has announced the launch of a new brand identity to reflect the expanding services and capabilities it currently offers, including research and consultancy divisions. The new brand was part of the second block of its highly successful professional certificates and diploma programmes.

Josoor Institute is a centre of excellence developed by the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC). It serves as a catalyst for building the sports and events industries across the region with the purpose to provide education, training and development opportunities to professionals in the sports and events industries. The launch of the new brand represents a new chapter for Josoor Institute and comes as part of its commitment to diversify its offerings and act as a catalyst for the transformation of the sport and events industries in the region.

SC Secretary General Hassan Al Thawadi said that through the various offerings and contribution to empowering the talents of the region, Josoor Institute is playing a direct role in contributing towards a diversified knowledge-based economy. He said that the knowledge that the institute is infusing in Qatar and the region will allow the sports and events industries to develop and reach their full potential.

The new brand identity reflects our understanding of what the MENA region needs to capitalise on in the sport and events industries and to produce a generation of talented pioneers that will transform the two sectors in Qatar and the region.’

The new brand identity launch comes at the same time as the delivery of the second block of Josoor Institute’s professional certificate and diploma programme, which starts on 14-18 May and will focus on marketing and sponsorship. The 12 month long programmes are of the highest standards and are delivered by renowned academicians from partner universities including Georgetown University, University of Liverpool, Leeds Beckett University and leading industry practitioners.

Speaking about the launch of the second block, Acting Executive Director of Josoor Institute Afraa Al Noami, said that this year’s second block is unique because it comes at the same time as the launch of their new brand identity. He said that their new identity is more than a new design, as it represents Qatar’s effort to position itself as a global sports and events hub.

With our new brand identity we are inspired to push forward our mission of empowering the talents of the industries and enabling the sports and events sectors in the region to reach their full potential.’

Josoor Institute’s new identity retains a strong common thread with the old identity. The design maintains some of the visual elements of the old brand as well and the various shades of blue. The vibrant colours within the new brand identity provide a distinction for each of the institute’s business divisions that now include Education, Research, Consultancy, Membership and Knowledge Hub. True to its meaning ‘Josoor’, which is the Arabic word for ‘bridges’, Josoor Institute is bridging the knowledge gap in the region by equipping the talents with the tools they need to advance the sports and events industries.

Josoor Institute is also gearing up for the delivery of its second set of professional development workshops this May. The workshops which include executive networking sessions, student outreach sessions and masterclasses will focus on venue and stadium management and running major events. Delegates are expected to learn the skills they need to manage world-class sport venues. Delegates will also learn how to create and successfully implement marketing campaigns for major events, from planning and securing sponsors to establishing event partnerships.

Visit Josoor Institute’s website for more information about registration and timing of upcoming programmes. You may also send your enquiries to [email protected].