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Blueberry Biscuit Tart

Hello everyone.

This week’s focus is about dessert and for all you lovely people who adore something sweet at the end of a meal, I share with you Blueberry Biscuit Tart. A light, creamy dessert made with delicious fresh blueberries and a mixture of cream cheese and Italian mascarpone.


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Serves: 6 | Preparation time: 5 minutes | Cooking time: 45 minutes|  Oven temperature: 150ºC 


Biscuit crust 

200g milk chocolate digestive biscuits
250g plain digestive biscuits
150g butter – melted


200g cream cheese
2tbsp caster sugar
250g mascarpone cheese
A few drops of vanilla essence or scape of one vanilla pod
150ml double cream
3 whole eggs and 2 egg yolks – lightly beaten
125-150g fresh blueberries

#2 MARHABA Blueberry Biscuit Tart Jules of the Kitchen Recipe Doha Qatar


Prepare biscuit crust 

In a food processor pulse all the biscuits until fine crumbs. Add the melted butter. Tip into a loose bottomed flan ring, pressing down well. Chill. 

Prepare filling

Beat together the cream cheese, caster sugar, mascarpone, vanilla and cream. Fold in the beaten eggs. 
Tip all the blueberries into the chilled flan case and pour over the filling.

To Cook

Bake in a moderate oven until set yet wobbly to the touch.
Serve cold with whipped cream.

Jules Tips: I recommend for this recipe to use a 24cm loose-bottomed flan ring, however, a fluted china tart dish works well also. If you are unable to find blueberries, this recipe can also be made with fresh raspberries and both fruits freeze well.