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Iced Chocolate Malteser Dessert

Homemade Dessert

Hello everyone,

Every home cook needs an easy dessert ‘ready to go’ for that unexpected moment. My Iced Chocolate Malteser Dessert is definitely that kind of sweet delight. One to make ahead, store in the freezer and serve on demand. Ingredients are simple and easy; a quality commercial vanilla ice cream and our favourite chocolate Malteser. Especially delicious with a fresh fruit coulis. So easy, so simple and so good.


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Serves 6 | Preparation and icing time: 30 minutes | Chilling time: 45-60 minutes


  • 2 litres of bought good quality French vanilla ice cream or caramel crunch ice cream
  • 165g bag of chocolate Maltesers – crushed
  • 300ml cream

Fruit Coulis

  • 1 punnet fresh strawberries – stalks removed
  • 4 ripe Kiwi fruit – skin removed


  • Large loaf tin – lined with cling film or non-stick baking paper.


1. Mould 1 litre of ice cream in the base of a prepared loaf tin. Freeze.

2. Whip cream to a soft peak and fold in the crushed Maltesers.

3. Place Maltesers cream on top of the frozen ice cream and re-freeze.

4. When firm add remaining 1 litre ice cream. Smooth the top and freeze again.

5. Prepare coulis

Whiz all ingredients to a coarse pulp in a food processor. Chill.

6. Serve!

Before serving allow the ice cream to thaw slightly, as this will make it easier to turn out. Cut generous slices and top with the strawberry and Kiwi fruit coulis, plus a little extra fresh fruit if so desired.


Do allow the ice cream to soften slightly before moulding into the tin, and make sure you cover 2 sides of the tin with paper or cling film.

If using cling film try to keep it as smooth as possible at the base, as this will prevent any ridges appearing when turned out.