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Thai Papaya Salad

Raw & Healthy

This wonderful authentic Thai recipe I sourced whilst holidaying in Thailand. One of my favourite salads, perfect to enjoy in the tropical heat of their fabulous summers and now just perfect to replicate at home during our summer months. So easy and extremely nutritious. Just perfect for that ‘raw & healthy’ eating experience.

Serves 2
Preparation: 15 minutes


1 large green papaya
2 cloves garlic
2-3 red chillies – with seeds
2 long Thai green beans – cut into finger-sized strips
2 tsp palm sugar
1-2 whole limes – quartered
Handful of salted peanuts
4-6 cherry tomatoes – halved
Approximately 2 tbsp fish sauce

Cashew nuts
Dried prawns
Extra vegetables green beans and hard white cabbage


Prepare the papaya

Peel and remove pips. Grate into thick slices either by hand or in a food processor using a coarse grating blade.


Using a large pestle and mortar ‘smash’ the garlic and chillies together. Add the green beans and lightly pound.

Add 2 tsp of palm sugar, 1 whole lime cut into quarters (remove pips) and the salted peanuts. Continue pounding until all are looking slightly crushed and bruised. Now add the tomato halves and 1-2 tbsp fish sauce.

Finally, add the grated papaya. Mix together all the ingredients with the aid of 2 large tablespoons in a folding and turning motion.

Final check

Check the seasoning as this salad should be a mixture of sweet and sour, add extra sugar for sweetness or fish and lime juice for sourness.


Best eaten immediately with extra vegetables, peanuts and dried prawns.

Jules Tips: This salad can also be made with green mangoes and is often accompanied by plain steamed rice. The ‘fieriness’ of this salad depends on the amount of chillies added and as much as your palate can tolerate.

Contributed by: Julia Toon, Jules of the Kitchen

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