On Sunday 15 June 2014, Katara Art Center (KAC) will hold an event entitled Support KAC with the aim of generating public interest and support for KACʼs announced closure.

On 1 June, KAC announced that it would be closing down due to financial reasons. Since then, public support and local and international media coverage has allowed for a potential review of the situation by KACʼs financial and space partners.

Artistic Director and Curator of KAC, Mayssa Fattouh, said:

It is vital that we have as many community members attend this Sunday. A large turnout means that we can demonstrate large locally-based support. Through this we hope to continue serving the community through our mission and vision, providing a platform for emerging Doha-based artists and creatives.’

The event will feature short talks by KAC Founder & Managing Director Tariq Al Jaidah, Artistic Director & Curator Mayssa Fattouh, and a group of artists, creatives, and volunteers. In addition, there will be a live music and sound performance by KAC team member Karim Sultan, and public participation will be encouraged by an intervention on the KAC space itself by writing and sharing messages directly on the walls.

Founder and Managing Director at KAC, Tariq Al Jaidah, said:

We look forward to having Dohaʼs creative community present on the 15th. I and the KAC Team, extend our gratitude to both AKI and Katara for their support in providing the basis to develop a programme committed to emerging Doha-based artists and creatives of all disciplines, which we hope can potentially continue and grow.’

KACʼs closing announcement, via its newsletter and social media channels has led to a large volume of response, and an outpouring of support for the cityʼs only independently run contemporary art space. KAC is a participatory platform for contemporary art and design that fosters creative thinking and spurs cultural industries in Doha. KAC hosts and inspire both emerging and established artists and designers as well as connect them to a growing local creative community.