The Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA) and the Ministry of Interior (MOI) recently inaugurated an electric vehicle charging station at the General Directorate of Traffic headquarters in Madinat Khalifa. The initiative is a cornerstone in a broader partnership aimed at making accessible charging stations across various Ministry locations.

Present at the inauguration were KAHRAMAA officials led by Director of Shared Services, Dr Engineer Abdulla Mohsin Al-Wahedi and Manager of Conservation and Energy Efficiency Department, Engineer Rashid Hussain Al-Rahimi. MOI was represented by the Manager of the Traffic Awareness Department, Colonel Jassim Nasser Al-Hamidi.

EV Charging station MK 1

Sustainable mobility

During the inauguration, Dr Al-Wahedi remarked on KAHRAMAA’s dedication to establishing pivotal infrastructure for electric vehicles. He said that their drive to station high-speed chargers at strategic locations nationwide reflects their commitment to sustainable transportation.

He said that the station at the General Traffic Department is particularly symbolic, as it amplifies their shared vision for sustainable mobility.

Engineer Rashid Al-Rahimi, meanwhile, said that the advanced unit, with 100-kilowatt capacity, is capable of simultaneously charging two vehicles in under 20 minutes. Its placement at the Traffic Department not only expedites the adoption of sustainable transportation but also fosters its acceptance among both staff and visitors.

This is the second electric vehicle charging station successfully installed in partnership with MOI – the first such high-speed charging unit is operational at the Al-Fazaa building in the Al-Mamoura area.

Engineer Al-Rahimi said they strongly advocate for other ministries and governmental agencies to integrate electric vehicle charging infrastructure, to amplify support for electric vehicle utilisation and contribute to a reduction in harmful carbon emissions.

Both authorities also emphasise their continued efforts to scale up the installation of electric vehicle chargers in different parts of Qatar.


KAHRAMAA, through the National Program for Conservation and Energy Efficiency (Tarsheed), remains at the forefront of augmenting the electric vehicle charger network. The corporation regularly launches projects and initiatives aimed at developing the infrastructure needed to enable the wide adoption of EVs, along with policies, regulations and best practice guidelines to enhance this transition.

Notably, KAHRAMAA announced the inauguration of a platform to control and monitor the network of EV charging stations earlier this year. Boasting the launch of over 160 swift chargers, they are steadfast in their mission to commission 300 units by the close of 2024, with an ambitious target of 600 units come 2025.

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