The Tarsheed Smart EV charging platform, led by the MCIT, is a comprehensive solution empowering EV owners to easily find charging stations, representing collaborative efforts from Tasmu and Tarsheed teams, and aligning with Qatar Vision 2030 for enhanced sustainability.

Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation ‘KAHRAMAA‘ represented by National Programme for Conversation and Energy Efficiency ‘Tarsheed’, and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, represented by ‘TASMU‘ Smart Qatar Programme, announced the launch of ‘Tarsheed Smart EV Charging Platform’ during a ceremony in Doha, Qatar.

HE Engr Essa bin Hilal Al-Kuwari, President of KAHRAMAA, emphasised the significance of the smart electric vehicle charging platform, commending the collaborative efforts with the MCIT for this achievement. He highlighted the platform’s role in supporting digital transformation, enhancing sustainability, and fostering a culture of sustainability in society. The platform, he said, will efficiently monitor electricity stations, improving performance, customer experience, and setting a model for national sectors to progress toward a digital future by 2030.

HE Reem Mohammed Al Mansoori, Assistant Undersecretary of Digital Society Development at the MCIT, acknowledged the crucial role of ‘TASMU’ in empowering and developing the Smart EV Charging Platform. The inclusive and complementary development process, in collaboration with KAHRAMAA, was led by the TASMU programme from concept to final implementation.

This collaborative effort between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA) is a testament to our collective commitment to digital transformation. Through Qatar Smart Programme TASMU, we are proud to design and develop the smart platform, where we always strive to embrace technological advances to reduce carbon emissions and shape a sustainable approach in which innovation intersects with environmental responsibility to serve the community in line with the goals of Qatar National Vision 2030.



Sheikh Khalifa bin Ali Al Thani participated in the event, sharing his experience with the application, vehicles, and electric charging stations, demonstrating how this technology fulfils daily mobility needs in an environmentally friendly manner.

At the platform’s launch, attendees had the opportunity to test drive EVs, learn about efficiency, and explore the application. A designated area also assisted in app familiarisation. The platform offered EV owners and charging stations customers an application loading service, facilitating direct communication as well.

This platform marks a significant leap in digital transformation, promoting smart EV charging for individuals and companies. It streamlines EV charging experiences, allowing monitoring of operations and stations, fostering a sustainable environment and digital lifestyle.

Developed with TASMU’s advanced capacities, the platform integrates high-quality technologies, ensuring efficiency. This user-friendly application meets Qatar’s growing electric vehicle needs, contributing to a more environmentally friendly world. Each EV charge saves approximately 7 tons of emissions compared to conventional vehicles, with potential CO2 reductions of about 2084 tons from installed chargers.

The platform, a result of strategic partnerships and platforms like TASMU, stands as a testament to their capabilities in fostering innovation and sustainability in urban environments.

Engr Rashid Al Rahimi, Director of the Conversation and Efficiency Department, highlighted the unique customer experience provided by the Tarsheed smart EV charging platform. Users can easily locate charging stations, enrol in the application, and access personalised charging services based on their vehicle type. The platform enables users to find, track, and pay for charging services securely, with additional features like support services and mobile notifications.

Eman Al-Kuwari, Director of the Innovation Department at the MCIT, expressed satisfaction with TASMU’s contribution to designing and developing the platform.

This smart initiative reflects our commitment to environmental sustainability and harnesses smart solutions to reduce carbon emissions. This forward-looking endeavour is undoubtedly in line with Qatar National Vision 2030, serving the community and contributing to a smart and sustainable future for our country.

The Tarsheed smart EV charging platform symbolises the ongoing collaboration between KAHRAMAA and the Ministry, focusing on energy conservation, enhanced user experiences, and a sustainable future. Both the Tarsheed and TASMU programs invite electric vehicle owners, charging station operators, and stakeholders to join the platform, fostering sustainable transport and a greener lifestyle.

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