Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa) won two prominent awards under two different categories at the Global Good Governance (3G) Awards, which recently held its fifth edition in an online ceremony in London. The ceremony was constituted by Cambridge IFA. 

The awards were given to the National Program for Conservation and Energy Efficiency (Tarsheed) under two different categories of 3G Awards 2020, which is the World Championship for Sustainability Award, representing the State of Qatar, for the total projects and savings achieved during the year 2019. These include success in reducing electricity consumption by about 7,654,489 megawatt hours, reducing water consumption by about 33.781 million cubic metres, and reducing gas consumption by about 73,602 million cubic feet .

Tarsheed also received the 2020 Creativity Award for the Tarsheed PV Electric Vehicles Charging and Energy Storage Station project. This station is the first of its kind in Qatar, charging vehicles with electricity produced from solar energy through 216 photovoltaic panels. The station is divided into two areas – and occupies a total area of ​​270 square metres – equivalent to a row of 24 cars. The total energy produced by the panels is 72 kW.

3G awards prizes are given in three main areas: governance, political leadership and leadership for the corporate sector (provided to ministries, institutions and international companies), the sector under which Kahramaa has won. More than 31 countries with over 80 representations in all categories, took part in the awards.

‏يؤكد فوز ⁧‫#كهرماء‬⁩ بالجوائز 3G العالمية لـ ⁧‫#الاستدامة‬⁩ والإبداع والابتكار قدرة المؤسسة على المنافسة والتفوق في المحافل الدولية، لاسيما في هذين المجالين حيث شارك في المنافسة 80 وزارة وشركة رائدة من 31 دولة.‏⁧‫#قطر‬⁩‏⁧‫#رؤية_قطر2030‬⁩‏⁧‫#لحياة_أفضل‬⁩‏⁧‫#ترشيد‬⁩…The international 3G awards of #Sustainability and Creativity confirm #KAHRAMAA ability to compete and excel in international forums especially in two of its areas of concer where more than 80 representations participated from 31 countries. #Qatar #QNV2030#BetterLiving

Posted by Kahramaa on Tuesday, 9 June 2020


The award for sustainability category has been given to Kahramaa’s economic performance which saved QAR 2034.99 million under its Tarsheed Program until April 2019, within its sustainability-related initiatives and environment protective actions among others, including developing Electric Car infrastructure, reducing carbon emissions and brainstorming for finding environment-friendly solutions.

As part of its social responsibility initiatives and to further promote good governance practices around the world, Cambridge IFA is spearheading a global initiative to promote best practices in governance and sustainability.

The Global Good Governance Awards celebrate individuals, governments, public and private institutions and NGOs that make governance and sustainability a strategic priority of their organisations. The 3G Awards are premier award programmes that highlight excellence in good governance and commitment to social welfare in three major streams: Government and Politics, Corporate Sector, and Social Sector and Philanthropy.

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