The Cultural Village Foundation – Katara is preparing to launch the 9th edition of the Traditional Dhow Festival which will be held from 3 to 16 December, and which will be participated by 11 countries – Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Iraq, Turkey, India, Greece, Italy, Spain, Iran, and Zanzibar.

The 9th edition of the festival features a programme full of activities, events and exhibitions that will highlight history and maritime heritage, including related traditional arts. There will also be competitions, cultural events and recreational activities.

Katara Annual Dhow Festival 1Katara Annual Dhow Festival Visitors will also see a unique presentation of the traditional ship industry in Qatar, through a marina on the beach of Katara, with restaurants and cafes, as well as workshops of traditional vessels manufacturing, in addition to a marine craftsmen market which will be joined by all participating countries.

There will be a display of traditional maritime crafts and tools for shipbuilding, ropes, sail and dredging machine. There will also be an old market, where visitors can find everything sailors need during fishing and diving trips; and a fish market with a variety of fresh fish species that may be found along the coast of Qatar. Famous seafood dishes from participating countries will also be available in addition to a maritime museum that narrate important periods of maritime history, as well as folk band performances and art workshops for children.

Katara Annual Dhow Festival

The festival also features a forum with the crew of Fatah Al Khair 4, which was launched last July from the Bosphorus Strait as part of a naval tour in Europe to promote the 2022 World Cup event. The forum will host ambassadors and governors of coastal cities visited by Fatah Al Khair 4.

Maritime competitions will be organised during the festival including rowing, sailing, Al Haddaq, free swimming, Al Brikha, Al Jinan, Shoush and Tafris, in addition to the Senyar competition.

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