As part of its strategy in preserving marine heritage, the Cultural Village Foundation – Katara is organising the seventh annual Senyar Championship marine festival on 4–21 April. The registration in the championship started from 20 February and will last until March 20.

This annual marine competition is comprised of fishing and pearl diving contests with big prizes.

Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim Al Sulaity, General Manager of Katara Cultural Village said he is expecting a huge turnout of people following the annual marine festival. Senyar is a tradition that can encourage people to be interested in pearl diving and fishing in the old traditional methods. This year’s edition will include four categories – pearl diving, Senyar, Haddaq and Laffah.

Dr Sulaity promises that this year’s Senyar will include more variety of activities – an opportunity to create more enthusiasts for this hobby. The Senyar aims to preserve the heritage and showcase traditions, customs, and values of the Qatari marine life. Marine voyagers are expected to display the admirable patience and persistence exercised over the past centuries.

Khalid Al Hitmi, Katara Beach Manager and the Chairman of the Senyar festival organising committee explained that the Senyar family tournament is open for all families, but they should bring in their own boat or yacht to participate. He explained:

The family Senyar tournaments will be held on 6 April and will be held along the shores of Doha Corniche at 1 pm setting off from Katara beach until 6 pm where they will come back to Katara beach again to award the winners.’

Pearl Diving
4 April
8–12 members
Top ten teams will be nominated for the Laffah tournament

12–15 April

18 –21 April

Hitmi added:

This year, 2 children are allowed on board to participate in the tournaments but must be accompanied by a first-degree relative and their fishing will also be counted.’

Witness the 2018 Senyar Festival with a new theme and more traditional activities from the Qatari marine heritage.

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