Cultural Village Foundation – Katara recently announced the launch of the fourth cruise of Fath Al Khair, all set for next month, 10 July, with participation of 16 Qatari sailors.

The announcement was made by Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim Al Sulaiti, General Manager of Katara. He said that the launch will take place in Istanbul, Turkey where the dhow will set off and sail from the Bosphorus across 11 other harbours in Europe and North Africa.

Sulaiti said that the aim of the cruise is to raise awareness on Qatar heritage and the country’s maritime culture, which he noted is a significant part of the Qatari identity. The cruise also aims to promote Qatar’s hosting of the 2022 FIFA World Cup and present the preparations for the event. The sailors will distribute brochures and gifts to the public as well as reach out to people of countries the cruise will pass through.

Yousef Mohammed Al Sada, Captain of the Fath Al Khair cruise dhow, said that the cruise will be divided in phases. Their route in phase 1 will include Greece, Albania, and Croatia and will stop in Italy. Al Sada also said that the cruise will include landing on several islands such as the Greek Island of Mykonos and Sicily in the Mediterranean.

The second phase of the cruise will sail in June 2020 and will include harbours in France and Spain. The third phase will pass through the countries of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

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