Cultural Village Foundation – Katara named the nominees for the semi-finals in this year’s Quran Memorization Competition, broadcasted daily on Qatar TV.

Aside from the Arab qualifiers, several competitors from the Philippines and Iran were among the nominated children who will be joining other participants from Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Jordan, Mauritania, Syria, Egypt and Yemen.

Quran reciter and competitor Khalid Mamada from the Philippines said the prize is very reputable in Asian countries, especially in the Philippines where Muslim Qur’an students are keen to take part in events known for being well-organised and joined by professional and well-known reciters.

Nearly 100 nominees were selected from 1,700 applicants from around the world. Total cash prizes at stake is QAR1.5 million. First prize winner will get QAR500,000; second prize winner will take home QAR400,000; third prize will receive QAR300,000; while the fourth and fifth prize winners will get QAR200,000 and QAR100,000 respectively.

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