Cultural Village Foundation – Katara announced the winners of the Short Story Competition for Children about the life of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), held remotely during the month of Ramadan.  

The competition was in English and Arabic and launched to encourage children to learn more about Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Winners – Arabic Category

  • First Place – Youssef Baaloudj (Algeria)
  • Second Place – Sajid Hafez (Bangladesh)
  • Third Place – Mohammed Al-Rashid Mudawi (Sudan)

Winners – English Category

  • First Place – Abdul Karim Shnayumi Arol (Nigeria)
  • Second Place – Siti Mazalina Maram (Maylasia)
  • Third Place – Muhammad Yusuf Quraishi (Pakistan)

All winners received cash prizes, with the top winner from both categories getting QAR12,000 each, and the second and third place winners taking home QAR10,000 and QAR8,000, respectively.