Katara Art Center (KAC) presents ‘Carthage Site’ by Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar (VCUQatar) artist-in-residence Maria Stabio


Maria Stabio is a painter and image maker from New York City. She is a graduate of Columbia University’s school of the Arts MFA programme with a concentration in Visual Arts and Boston University College of Fine Arts with a degree in painting. Currently in Doha for a one-year artist residency programme with VCUQatar, Stabio is also an adjunct professor in the Painting and Printmaking faculty. The work shown is the result of the residency and has all been produced in Qatar – an exploration of ideas, experiences, and techniques explored during the residency.

Through a series of paintings and prints of everyday objects from the home, the artist explores themes of domestic life and the female subject. With careful repetition and focus, even the most familiar of objects from the home becomes nearly abstract, allowing the viewer to reflect and explore the objects and the ideas behind them.

The collection shows a development in the artist’s direction in its focus on single objects. The artist here takes a wide view of representing these household objects, using them to understand ideas such as the rebuilding of cultural tradition, and viewing the domestic space as a place of curiosity and importance.

In addition to the exhibition, the artist will be giving a public talk at KAC on 26 March 2013 to discuss the exhibition, and the practice ideas behind the work. To RSVP, visit the exhibition’s event site

The Gallery at KAC has showcased the works of a number of Doha-based artists across a wide-variety of media, including photography, painting, illustration, cartoon, and found objects, with the purpose of allowing Doha-based emerging artists a platform to showcase their work and to help create an audience around contemporary art.

The exhibition opened on 2 March 2013 and will run until 8 April 2013.