Amidst outstanding presence by a line-up of heads of diplomatic missions to Qatar, the General Manager of Cultural Village Foundation-Katara, HE Dr Khalid Bin Ibrahim Al Sulaiti, inaugurated on Wednesday “Symbols of Latin America & the Caribbean” Exhibition, hosted by the cultural village-Katara, in coordination with 11 Embassies that form part of the Latin American and Caribbean Group (GRULAC), including Argentines, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Salvador, Panama, Peru and Venezuela.

The inauguration of the exhibition “Symbols of Latin America & the Caribbean”, which will run until 15 March at Building 18-Exhibition 2 of the Cultural Village-Katara, was attended by Ambassadors of Panama, Ecuador, Brazil, El Salvador, Peru, Algeria, Poland, Libya, Moldavia, Oman, Spain, Argentines, Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico, and charge d’affaires of Venezuelan Embassy in Qatar and Colombian Ambassador for UAE.

The “Symbols of Latin America and the Caribbean” Exhibition proudly presents five symbols from 11 countries in high-quality beautiful pictures: the capital of the country, the national animal, the national plant or flower, the national dish; and the historical monument. Symbols represent the identity, culture, history and even the personality of a country or group of countries.

On the occasion, the General Manager of Cultural Village Foundation-Katara HE Dr Khalid Bin Ibrahim Al Sulaiti, said:

The relationship between Arab and Latin American cultures dates back to centuries ago, and there are millions of Arabs who live in the South American continent acting as a bridge to link the two cultures, and serving the rich intercultural communication between the two sides. We, at Katara hope this Exhibition will be followed by several other ones hosting the symbols of art, culture and music in Latin America.’

Addressing attendees during the inauguration of the exhibition, HE The Ambassador of Republic of Peru in Qatar and Dean of Latin America Ambassadors in Qatar said:

We believe that by gaining insight into the symbols and what they mean to the country, you will more deeply appreciate this element of cultural heritage, which goes beyond that of a simple image to represent a sign of identity and even pride.’


For his part, the Brazilian Ambassador to Qatar, His Excellency Roberto Abdullah, lauded the presence of the high-profile diplomatic at the cultural activity, said:

The exhibition aims at further introducing Qataris to the cultural scene of Latin America and the Caribbean. Brazil for example is not only about football and Samba as many Arabs may think. There’s much more. We have 16 million citizens in Brazil who come from Arab origins. We need to open up more on each other’s cultures and Qatar is taking a leading role in that regard.’

Commenting on the exhibition, non-resident Colombian Ambassador, HE Fayhan Al Fayez Shalhoub, said:

This exhibition is a symbol of our beautiful continent. The Arab cultural influence in Latin America is huge. It is old and has dominated Spain for several centuries before millions of Arab migrants reach Latin America during the 18th and 19th centuries. Now we started this move to bring you a taste of our culture, next move will be bringing the Qatari and Arab culture to Latin America through similar exhibitions.’

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