Cultural Village Foundation – Katara officially opens the Al Wasmi Garden Festival this week, featuring five days of beautiful and distinguished cultural entertainment and artistic activities for everyone. The festival will run until this Saturday, 22 February. 

The festival is hosted at the southern Katara Hills and will be an opportunity for visitors to discover the luxurious designs of various gardens in Britain, France, Japan, India and Qatar. Aside from these, the festival will also have a variety of performances, including live shows inspired by international parks hosted by the Green Zone.

Flower Dreamland

The entrances of featured gardens are inspired by the architectural styles of countries they represent, characterised by innovative designs – a vivid picture of the beautiful gardens and methods used to grow home gardens in these countries.

The Qatari garden features traditional procedures used in agriculture and irrigation, such as the ‘splitting into parts’ system, water channels that link the fountains to agricultural lands.

The gate design of the Indian garden is inspired by the famous historical landmark Taj Mahal, and visitors wil find stunning scenery of flowers and roses with fragrant scents, a reflection of the picturesque nature in India.

The French Garden, presented by Qatar Airways to celebrate the Qatar-France Year of Culture, is inspired by the progress of traditional palace gardens in France, adorned with an exquisitely designed Eiffel Tower, the most famous French landmark in the world.

The Japanese garden, meanwhile, offers an interesting experience with its favourite pink colour that inspires comfort and relaxation, reminding visitors of the country’s famous cherry blossoms.

The English garden gate is inspired by the Buckingham Palace entrance, adding a distinctive gleam to the festival and offers a captivating scene from one of the most ancient gardens in the world.

Al Wasmi Garden Festival Full Schedule

The arts park will feature various types of public live performances with artists creating graffiti and caricatures in front of an audience. There will also be competitions and workshops – flower workshop, textile workshop, canopy colouring workshop, peacocks and henna painting, and a ‘flower making’ workshop.

The flower area will host pottery making, flower planting, drawing on rocks, arranging Japanese flowers, and flower arrangements. The colour shows and fireworks will be on 21 and 22 February at 4 pm.

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