Acclaimed Saudi artist, Manal Al Dowayan, is exhibiting a collection of her work at Katara Gallery from the 9th of February to the 9th of March.

Born and raised in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, Al Dowayan studied in Dubai, Bahrain and London as well as her homeland. Her artworks are in permanent collection in many esteemed galleries including the British Museum, the Jordan National Museum of Fine Art and the Abu Dhabi Authority of Fine Art. The exhibition is set to launch the highly anticipated opening of the Katara Gallery.

The artwork featured reflects the identity of Saudi women and is inspired by a speech given by King Abdullah Al Saud. He called upon Saudis to build their nation together and emphasised the importance of women’s inclusion in this. The series of photographs called I Am depicts Saudi women in various occupations, including I Am a Doctor and I Am a UN Officer.

Sidonio Costa, Artistic Director and Head Curator of Katara Art Centre, said Katara is honoured to host Manal Al Dowayan. “Through her work she addresses the minority of women in the local art scene and reflects an important message through her groundbreaking work.”

Manal Al Dowayan has said that “The artworks I create are usually a direct reflection of my life and the the ups and downs that exist…The basis of my work is black-and-white photography, although recently I have introduced more layers to the photograph and the ideas behind it.”manal-e-invitation